Sleeping beauty

I always wake up before him, my body clock always messes me up. Oh how I’d love a lie in but when he’s here I really don’t mind. He always looks so peaceful and so vulnerable. It almost feels like I’m getting to know the other sides of him. Beautifully flawless black skin, thick full lips and his stunning muscular frame. I could watch him sleep for hours, reminiscing about the night before.

How he worked over my body. I love a guy who knows what’s he’s doing and boy does he. Always guaranteed multiple orgasms, cuddles and kisses after and just feeling appreciated. He definitely knows how to treat women. A man who grows up in a loving household and the parents are still together should know a thing or two.

I stare at him in appreciation, he really has been good to me so far. I want to touch him but I don’t want to disturb his sleep. So handsome, strong profile and those big hands mmm. When he touches me with those hands I feel like all bets are off, I’m a slave to his touch.

Maybe I should wake him up. I mean who really sleeps in anymore? I once read somewhere that morning sex makes men fall in love. Maybe I should put it to the test. Maybe I should wake him up with a blowjob. Maybe I should just start caressing that beautiful dick. Maybe, maybe, maybe I will speak to you guys later I’m about to own this.


No contact

He’s here again, looking at me with his big brown eyes. He never touches me or says anything just looks. This is fine, I’ve always been into pleasing myself and with him watching it just made the experience so much better. He comes over every Saturday, around 11pm. Buzzes my door twice and then I let him in. I always answer the door naked and he never touches or embraces me. He’s never really seen the rest of my flat, just walks straight into the bedroom and sits on my vanity tables stool.
I position myself on my bed so he has a perfect view. My bullet and rabbit are always by my side and ready for the nights events. I give him one last look to see his beautiful face and begin.
I imagine his juicy lips kissing me and making me moan when he slips in his skilled tongue. I start to caress my breast wondering how his massive hands would feel. Just the thought of what he may do to me gets me wet and wanton.
I slowly move my hands towards my pussy where my throbbing clit awaits being pleasured. With gentle fingers I rub my slickness over my clit, in slow circular motions, causing me to let out small moans. I grab my bullet and switch it on. With a quickness it’s on my pearl sending shivers through my body. The whole experience has got me so turned on, my bullet gets me to an orgasm in no time.
It takes me a second to wind down and get back to what I was doing. I go to grab my rabbit and it’s missing. I feel around and sit up to see where it’s gone. He has it. Standing at the end of my bed he kneels down, making sure not to touch me and sets the rabbit to high speed. He pushes it deep inside me and I gasp at the fullness. The rabbit teases my swollen clit and I feel the familiar tightness in my belly, I’m going to cum and he moves it away. He continues pushing the 9 inch toy in and out of me with a quickness and every time I get to that point he stops.
He still hasn’t touched me and has really worn me out. I finally manage to look into his eyes in a plea to get him to just let me cum. He smiles and builds me up once more, I don’t think I can take it. My legs shake, eyes roll back, I call out his name and I explode. The only thing I notice after is him pulling the rabbit out of me.
I manage to lift my neck up from the bed and he was gone. Nothing weird about that but tonight would of been a good night for him to stay. Oh well, that’s the whole point of having no body contact. I guess it’s ok.

The act itself

Don’t you think it’s amazing that you can touch someone once and leave a need for more. That person can wake up thinking about you and go to sleep reliving the exact moment making them squirm. They can dream about your touch and how sensitive you made their skin. Day to day life can become boring and all that they start to look forward to is the day dreams of you. Remembering every single place you touched, how you touched and start to understand why you touched.
Their body becomes foreign to themselves.
A kiss on the back
Tongue in their mouth
Rub on the thigh
Slap on the ass
And of course the act in itself.
Before you start to think is it just the sex that was good? You remember the build up and how they got you to surrender your body. How they made you give them….. You.
Their words
Slick words
Beautiful words
Sexual words
Oh how you can’t wait for even just the words. They are what prepare you again for them.
Calling out their name
Grabbing their back
Feeling them inside you
Feeling your release
The orgasm, mind blowing, downward spiralling orgasm.
A lot of people can call it just sex but I believe it’s so much more. Sex can happen and be great, just that night and then you move on. It’s when you find yourself thinking about it, the act itself and the person who it was with that makes it that little bit more..

Part 1 – Club Love Scene

He pulled me close to him and kissed me so passionately, I could feel his need for me through his lips. One of his hands was on the back of my neck, the other was firmly on my behind. It has been a while since I’ve been felt by a man and as soon as he kissed me I felt moisture at the apex of my thighs. I heard myself starting to moan and pulled away from him so I could gain back a little control over the situation. Without taking my eyes off him I started to strip slowly, seductively and stopped when I got down to my bra and frenchies. He decided to do the same and as soon as he got to his boxers we was at it like horny teenagers! Kissing and touching the skin that was exposed. He laid me down on the sofa, got on top of me and I felt his huge erection press against me. That alone was enough to push me over the edge and he kissed me from my lips down to my neck and pulled the cups of my bra down to expose my breasts.. Kissing, licking and sucking my nipples until I felt my body tense up about to have an orgasm and then he stopped.
Straight away I knew he was into teasing and this wasn’t going to be a straight forward fuck. Traveling down my body until he got to my frenchies an pulled the material to the side and devoured my pussy. A lot of attention to my clit while he fingered me once again getting my body to tense up and then he stopped. I was panting and so in need and he just looked up at me, smiled and said ” I think your ready miss”.
Before I even had time to move he rammed his impressive piece right deep inside me making me gasp. On the border between pleasure and pain I wrapped my legs around his waist while he pumped in and out of me.


When his lips touch mine I don’t have any control over my thoughts or body. All I know in that moment is him. It makes me feel wanted, sexy and needed. So enticing I can never get enough. I know that at that moment I’m his and he can do what he wants with me.
His hands, oh his hands, big strong hands, them beautiful hands.
They work as a team touching me in the right spots.
Making me travel to ecstasy.
Between the kissing and the touching it drives me crazy.
He works my body like he knows exactly what to do.
Like he’s known it for years and familiar, when really it’s all fairly new.

Our need to love

I really hate when we argue over dumb things. It makes me feel like we shouldn’t be together, like we shouldn’t continue with this unhealthy relationship. We haven’t been able to spend time together for a very long time, due to busy schedules and constant meetings. So literally every little thing that happened caused an argument between us.

I was late home for dinner tonight and decided rather than stressing myself out cooking, I’d buy a pizza. Clearly that was the wrong thing to do because as soon as he saw it he started shouting the odds. I really didn’t want to argue and I managed to look up from the ground into his eyes. Something was different, yet familiar. I saw a need in him that I hadn’t seen in a while. He needed me, he needed my touch.

I missed him touching me and I thought this is the perfect opportunity for me to try and fix us. Ever so slowly I started to get undressed in front of him until I was absolutely naked standing in the middle of our kitchen. At first he looked at me confused and by the time I was done stripping his face softened.

I walk passed him, making sure I touched his arm on my way out. I knew that would be enough to get him to eventually join me. I continued to the shower and ran the hot water. I lit a few scented candles for mood lighting and that’s when he walked in. Completely naked and just as jaw dropping as he was when I first saw him. Damn he is so fine. I felt myself getting wet at the sight of his impressive length.

I looked him up and down, turned around and got in the shower. The water felt so welcome after my long day and I just stood there waiting to be joined.

He got in behind me and started massaging my shoulders. His hands alone were enough to send me over the edge. He moved his hands just to grab the shower gel, poured a little between his hands and started to rub me down. He has a way of making me feel appreciated through touch and I feel like it’s one of the things that made me fall in love with him.

After he washed the remaining suds from my body I reciprocated and made sure not to miss an inch. Rubbing my hands over his muscular frame. His body really was a piece of art to me, one that I fell in love with over and over again. I made sure all the soap was off his body before I started to kiss his full lips.

He moved me so I was against the shower wall and pushed his body against mine and continued to kiss me. Hard but soft full with need and making me moan. His lips travelled down my body deliciously slow. He kissed me along my collar bone, across my breasts paying extra attention to my now erect nipples, down my belly dipping his tongue into my belly button and blowing in to it.

He then reached my now soaking pussy and he waisted no time devouring it. Held one of his strong hands against my belly so I wouldn’t move and started to lightly nibble on my clit. I came almost instantly and he didn’t stop there. With his spare hand he started to finger fuck me while sucking on my pearl. I was a slave to his tongue and he knew it.

After what seemed like forever he managed to get back up to my lips and let me taste my juices. I released from our kiss and travelled down his body paying my respect to the masterpiece that is him. I eventually arrived at his manhood and waisted no time licking up and down his shaft, I haven’t tasted him in a long time and he is still my favourite flavoured treat. I licked the head, I could taste his precum and I yearned for more. I started to suck his dick like my life depended on it.. I loved looking up at him watching his undoing. As soon as his head went back I started to deep throat and wank him off simultaneously.

As soon as I got a rhythm he pulled away from me, flames in his eyes and panting he picked me up from the floor of the bath. I wrapped my legs around his waist and with one thrust he was deep inside me. I let out a small scream as I was on the border of pleasure and pain but did not intend on stopping. He pumped in and out of me and I felt myself building towards another orgasm. My eyes started to roll back and I screamed out his name in ecstasy..

He let me down and I turned around bent over and assumed my position. He dived in and i mustered all the energy I had left to bounce my ass against him. I could hear him coming to his release and I moved away, turned around, got to my knees put my mouth over the head of his dick and started to wank him off again quickly until I felt his warm liquid drip down the back of my throat.

I got up from kneeling and gave him a kiss on his lips. We smiled and both looked so different. This is what makes us better and this is how we will continue to love each other.