The act itself

Don’t you think it’s amazing that you can touch someone once and leave a need for more. That person can wake up thinking about you and go to sleep reliving the exact moment making them squirm. They can dream about your touch and how sensitive you made their skin. Day to day life can become boring and all that they start to look forward to is the day dreams of you. Remembering every single place you touched, how you touched and start to understand why you touched.
Their body becomes foreign to themselves.
A kiss on the back
Tongue in their mouth
Rub on the thigh
Slap on the ass
And of course the act in itself.
Before you start to think is it just the sex that was good? You remember the build up and how they got you to surrender your body. How they made you give them….. You.
Their words
Slick words
Beautiful words
Sexual words
Oh how you can’t wait for even just the words. They are what prepare you again for them.
Calling out their name
Grabbing their back
Feeling them inside you
Feeling your release
The orgasm, mind blowing, downward spiralling orgasm.
A lot of people can call it just sex but I believe it’s so much more. Sex can happen and be great, just that night and then you move on. It’s when you find yourself thinking about it, the act itself and the person who it was with that makes it that little bit more..

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