No contact

He’s here again, looking at me with his big brown eyes. He never touches me or says anything just looks. This is fine, I’ve always been into pleasing myself and with him watching it just made the experience so much better. He comes over every Saturday, around 11pm. Buzzes my door twice and then I let him in. I always answer the door naked and he never touches or embraces me. He’s never really seen the rest of my flat, just walks straight into the bedroom and sits on my vanity tables stool.
I position myself on my bed so he has a perfect view. My bullet and rabbit are always by my side and ready for the nights events. I give him one last look to see his beautiful face and begin.
I imagine his juicy lips kissing me and making me moan when he slips in his skilled tongue. I start to caress my breast wondering how his massive hands would feel. Just the thought of what he may do to me gets me wet and wanton.
I slowly move my hands towards my pussy where my throbbing clit awaits being pleasured. With gentle fingers I rub my slickness over my clit, in slow circular motions, causing me to let out small moans. I grab my bullet and switch it on. With a quickness it’s on my pearl sending shivers through my body. The whole experience has got me so turned on, my bullet gets me to an orgasm in no time.
It takes me a second to wind down and get back to what I was doing. I go to grab my rabbit and it’s missing. I feel around and sit up to see where it’s gone. He has it. Standing at the end of my bed he kneels down, making sure not to touch me and sets the rabbit to high speed. He pushes it deep inside me and I gasp at the fullness. The rabbit teases my swollen clit and I feel the familiar tightness in my belly, I’m going to cum and he moves it away. He continues pushing the 9 inch toy in and out of me with a quickness and every time I get to that point he stops.
He still hasn’t touched me and has really worn me out. I finally manage to look into his eyes in a plea to get him to just let me cum. He smiles and builds me up once more, I don’t think I can take it. My legs shake, eyes roll back, I call out his name and I explode. The only thing I notice after is him pulling the rabbit out of me.
I manage to lift my neck up from the bed and he was gone. Nothing weird about that but tonight would of been a good night for him to stay. Oh well, that’s the whole point of having no body contact. I guess it’s ok.

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