Sleeping beauty

I always wake up before him, my body clock always messes me up. Oh how I’d love a lie in but when he’s here I really don’t mind. He always looks so peaceful and so vulnerable. It almost feels like I’m getting to know the other sides of him. Beautifully flawless black skin, thick full lips and his stunning muscular frame. I could watch him sleep for hours, reminiscing about the night before.

How he worked over my body. I love a guy who knows what’s he’s doing and boy does he. Always guaranteed multiple orgasms, cuddles and kisses after and just feeling appreciated. He definitely knows how to treat women. A man who grows up in a loving household and the parents are still together should know a thing or two.

I stare at him in appreciation, he really has been good to me so far. I want to touch him but I don’t want to disturb his sleep. So handsome, strong profile and those big hands mmm. When he touches me with those hands I feel like all bets are off, I’m a slave to his touch.

Maybe I should wake him up. I mean who really sleeps in anymore? I once read somewhere that morning sex makes men fall in love. Maybe I should put it to the test. Maybe I should wake him up with a blowjob. Maybe I should just start caressing that beautiful dick. Maybe, maybe, maybe I will speak to you guys later I’m about to own this.


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