Her part 2

 Today the time went by so damn quick. The one day I want it to drag to save my embarrassment. I came to the conclusion that I needed to make up a lie to get her to invite me round. I told her that I was having relationship problems and didn’t want to be alone tonight. She asked me if I wanted to come over and share a bottle of wine she’s been waiting to open. I said yes.

When we pulled up to the house I hesitated to get out the car. She walked around and opened my door without me even noticing. She said, “You ready to come up or you need some more time?” With a smile. Why would she ask me that? Oh shit, she knew why I was really here. “No I think I’ve been ready for a while” I muttered. I couldn’t look at her but I did get out the car. She grabbed my hand and we walked up the pathway to her beautiful maisonette. 
Although I was probably more nervous then a hooker in church, the fact I was finally alone with her gave me a rush of excitement. Why do I find her so intriguing? Whatever it is I’m sure to find out tonight. 
We walked in and she told me to take a seat on her gorgeous L shape sofa. I slipped off my heels and walked across her sheepskin rug, pausing to feel the soft rug underneath my toes. I love sheepskin rugs.
I continued towards the sofa and made myself comfortable. I heard her rustling in the kitchen, making a lot of noise and I grew very curious.  
Surely it doesn’t take this long to pour a couple of glasses of wine. Should I go and help? I better not actually, I don’t want to come across too impatient, even though I was. 
5 minutes had gone by and she finally entered the living room with a food tray filled with strawberries, whipped cream and a bottle of wine with two glasses.  

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