The first time I had a real orgasm, I gave it to myself. I knew sex was good and I knew it felt nice but once I had a real orgasm… it pushed me straight over the edge. The uncertainty of whether I liked it or wanted it to stop only made me want to do it more. Whether I used toys, wet fingers or told my partners to stick out their tongue… I never wanted to not feel that kind of pleasure.

Before I experienced the real thing I had many partners who all told me the same shit. How they will fuck me better than the rest, how they will make me beg for more and how I won’t ever have a better experience then with them. Yet every time it was them that was left satisfied and me exhausted from faking it and pretending to moan.

So I opted for something a bit more personal, a bit more guaranteed and now the only thing I need to worry about is if I have enough spare batteries.

But let me not lie and act like no one has ever pleasured me on this earth. Sometimes I still pick up the phone to book a session in with my neighbor. He’s saved in my contacts as big tongue Tyrone.

Loud thoughts

Five months without sex and I thought I was doing well, but I can’t get rid of all my past experiences. Everything reminds me of something sexual and I yearn for that beautiful feeling of wetness in-between my thighs. My thighs that use to be kissed, bitten, licked and caressed by men who are now no longer in my life. Just thinking about this makes my nipples swell with excitement, but once again I don’t have an eager mouth to tend to them. To suck and nibble them and push me to want more of my body explored. I need exploring, I need a warm tongue parting my pussy lips and circling my clit. I want to feel the growth of a soft penis get hard just by my touch or even the thought of going into my body. Getting a back massage while the hard wood laid on my ass cheeks just hoping that it gets slipped in. I’d settle for a finger, a masculine finger being pushed into my mouth so I’d suck, and then pushed in my ass for me to bounce back on. I need to scream someones name because of the pleasure I’m receiving, I need to beg for more. What good are thoughts of the ones that did it before?

Why is it wrong?

Am I wrong for wanting a piece of him, him, her and her.

Society says it’s wrong.

My friends say I’m greedy.

Is it wrong for me to have many lovers?

Is it wrong that each of them have a special part that equates to my perfect being?

Why must I just have one mate?

Why does it have to be a man?

My auntie says “Cuz we nuh inna di batty gyal biznes”

She doesn’t understand that our culture doesn’t have to affect who I am.

He fucks me so good I lose control of my body, it surrenders to him and never puts up a fight.

She provides me with her sensual flair, making me believe in my sexiness and know that it’s ok to want the best that’s out there.

He makes me laugh and never wants to see me cry. When I’m around him I never know whether it’s day or if it’s night.

She is my provider, she makes me feel safe and warm. She never lets me have to deal with rainy days or them horrible storms.

Together they make the perfect one. The person I see myself falling and falling and falling over and over and over again in love.

Why must that be wrong?

Why is it socially acceptable for a man to gift his dick to what ever woman may blink but if a woman does the same she isn’t worth shit.

She is called a HOE, SLUT, WHORE and could never be a wife. Just because she’s living unapologetically in this crazy thing we call life.

A sexual being, yes. Also, looking for the right attributes to make the best.

Is it wrong?

Is it really wrong?

When you think about it are you truly with the one?

Or are you just with someone that was better than the rest but still missing something hun?

Live your best life and be who you want to be.

I’m only my best when I’m being me.

Early start.. 

 I gave him that look that he knows oh too well. At first he looked surprised, like how could I be feeling this way so early in the morning. We was all alone in our carriage on the train and I thought this is the perfect time to get in some early pleasure. He looked around and got up to stand in between my legs. I was getting more and more excited, he never responds to me like this in public. I looked up into his eyes and I saw that fire, the fire I see right before he’s going to have his way with me. He put his hand down the front of my leggings, past the thin material of my frenchies and started to finger me. I was so shocked and frightened that we would get caught but if felt so damn good. Through the quiet moans coming from my mouth I tried to plea for him to stop. I didn’t believe he would stop and I didn’t want him to either. My clit felt so sensitive, feeling him kiss me from my lips down to my neck and finally my exposed chest was making me feel overwhelmed. I felt that familiar build up and before I knew it I exploded. He smiled, kissed me and sat back in his seat to wait for me to compose myself. I looked over at him and he just looked so calm and collected. He stared back at me and placed the fingers he had in my sweet spot straight in his mouth and sucked my juices off.

Personal trainer 

I hate going to the gym. It’s always filled with amped up gorilla sized men, girls wearing next to nothing and when your new you just get stared at. I really like having a low profile which is exactly why I chose to have a personal trainer. You get to work out 1 on 1 and it’s in a secluded room. 

I arrived 30 minutes early to get changed and find out where I would be training. I brought an old pair of leggings, my massive tent top and a sports bra. I wasn’t trying to impress and I’ve seen the personal trainers at this gym, nothing to write home about.
I started to stretch while I wait, I knew whoever was going to train me was going to have me in pain the next day. I was bent over trying to touch my toes when I heard the door creek. Looking awkwardly to see who it is and there he was, tall, muscular, sexy Adonis standing there watching me. Now a few things crossed my mind, I thought all the personal trainers were ugly and why am I still bent over looking like a raggedy hooker.
He must be new. I suddenly decided to buy new gym clothes because I actually felt ashamed. He walked in and apologised for being late even though he was 5 minutes early. He had the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen, I know that seems weird to call a man beautiful but he really did.
“I see you started stretching without me, just give me a moment to catch up” he said so gently and I’m pretty sure he winked at me. Damn.
The next 5 minutes made my soul smile, watching this fine ass man stretch gave me meaning to life. My head was just permanently in the gutter, thinking of all sorts of exercises he may have to touch me to help.
“Right lets get started Roxanne, your name is Roxanne right? That’s what was on my timetable. Forgive me if I’m wrong,” he said with such confidence. Even if my name actually wasn’t Roxanne I would’ve of went with it.
“Yes my names Roxanne or roxy, whichever is fine.” I’m not sure why my voice was so high pitched but ok.
“Roxy it is, my name is Jermaine but J is cool.”
Right so if we have given each other our nicknames surely the next step is sex. Maybe I should think about something else.
We started to work out and it was no joke. He had me wanting to almost cry in this secluded studio. When he was getting me to squat I was trying to push my ass out as much as possible. He of course was nothing but professional bless him, would’ve loved him to just push me against a wall and kiss all over me but this is why I was here.
It got to the the end of the workout, I was a little sad because that meant I was leaving J, I mentally planned to book another session with him next week. He showed me a series of stretches to do and started to help me do them.
“So roxy do you find me attractive?”
Not really sure where this was coming from, it’s not like I was staring at him seductively the whole work out.
“Was the staring that obvious? I’m really sorry I was expecting someone less appealing to the eyes.”
I was blushing hard at this point and what made it worst was his little laugh that slipped out.
“It was a little obvious Roxy. Do you want to know what really made me think you was attracted to me?”
Oh shit what the hell did I do apart from stare. Do I want to know? Should I just leave? I go to this gym, let me just get this embarrassment over.
“I think I’d like to know what was my give away.”
He stopped smiling and gave me a straight look, “I can smell a beautiful aroma coming from in between those juicy thighs.”
What? What am I supposed to say to that. So inappropriate but at the same time so sexy.
“That’s a bit of an inappropriate observation don’t you think Jermaine?”
“Very inappropriate Roxanne but also very true, you stared at me, your breathing changed and of course that amazing aroma gave it all away.”
So with that comment I think it’s time for me to leave. The way he was staring at me, the way I was feeling and the secluded room could only lead to me ass out.
“Thank you so much for my session Jermaine, it really was great. I will be booking another one for next week.”
The next minute was me avoiding eye contact, packing my gym stuff in my bag and practically running out the room. What I needed was to hit the showers and I might cash in my complimentary massage the gym offered me after my first personal training session. If anything was worth the gym membership it had to be their massages.
I had an amazing shower and I couldn’t help but think about J. Imagining his big, strong hands feeling all over me made my hands wander. Before I knew it I was in the showers masterbating, silently calling out a strangers name. He definitely had me feeling some type of way.
Luckily by the time I finished showering, taking care of my needs and slipping into a robe a masseuse was available. I walked into the room and saw a sign which told me to get undressed, lay facing down on the table and cover my bottom with the towel provided. I did as I was told and waited patiently for my stress relieving massage.
After what felt like a 20 minute wait someone finally came in. Didn’t apologise for the wait or announce themselves, thought it was a little rude but didn’t think too much of it. I heard a bottle open and then close, assumed it would’ve been some sort of oil and then I felt hands massaging my back. It felt so good. They were massaging all over my back, firm and skilled, I kept letting out little moans. Next thing I know the towel is being pulled down off my ass and I’m laying here naked. I wasn’t sure whether this was part of the massage and lifted my head to see what was going on.
There he was standing above me looking down at my body, J.
“Turn back over, your massage isn’t finished. That is unless you would like me to stop Roxy.”
He never looked me in my face and I didn’t feel uncomfortable with him being here so I turned back over.
He massaged both my legs so thoroughly, it felt so damn good. When he reached my behind he applied more oil and went to work. He massaged my ass with the right amount of force and it really was turning me on. He then used his hands to part my ass cheeks and slowly tortured me with his tongue. Dipping in and out of my vagina. Do I let him continue? This isn’t right but it feels so damn good. He then moved to my ass hole and really made me go crazy, eating me out from both holes and then fingering me too.
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I needed him to give my body what it craved and what it needed. It had been a while since we was able to fuck like rabbits. Excuse me for being crude but sexually frustrated is not even the word, my pussy was in need of some sexual abuse. Saying that, I’m the crazy ass female who thought let me go on strike over something very stupid. 

Now let me explain what a strike is, no sexual intercourse but teasing and other touching was allowed. Everything apart from me getting eaten out and fucked was acceptable.

After two weeks of being on strike I decided to take this pussy and put it to good use. I needed to feel his dick in me, I needed to feel his warm thick tongue against my clit. 
I heard the door buzzer, let him into the building and made sure to give myself one last look in the mirror to see if I was still looking just right. Black lace bra and frenchies, red lipstick and massive curly hair. I needed to look like the words F.U.C.K M.E so he knew exactly what I wanted to do. 
I opened the front door and just like that my clit started throbbing and my pussy got wet. He had that effect on me, made me want to pounce on him at first sight. Barely making it inside, I kissed him and was on my knees in the blink of an eye. Undoing his belt and unbuttoning his trousers I needed to taste that beautiful dick. 
He was rock hard and looked edible, I wasted no time putting in that work. 
Working my lips and tongue up and down the shaft, he started to moan and that’s when I knew it was time to get messy deep throating his dick with a quickness. Spitting saliva all over his impressive length, keeping it as juicy as possible. I tasted his precum and was in heaven, he tastes so damn good and I knew he was getting ready to cum. I started to wank the base of him and continued to lick and suck until I felt that warm liquid trickle down the back of my throat.
I stood up and looked into his eyes, they were filled with fire and I knew he was about to give me what I’ve been waiting for. He kissed me like he  hadn’t kissed me before, passion  and need all in one. 
After what seemed like an eternity he ended the kiss that now had my panties soaked. He pushed me so I was against my front door, got down on his knees, lifted my right leg onto his shoulder, pushed my frenchies to the side and started his tongue torture. It had been a while since he last ate my pussy and I was in ecstasy. He was flicking his tongue on my clit and fingering me at the same time, my body started to lift away from the door. He pushed me back and used his free hand to hold me in place. My thighs began to shake and I could feel my orgasm building, he could sense it too and gently nibbled on my clit making me scream and orgasm at the same damn time. 
He didn’t stop to give me time to compose myself, just continued to suck and kiss my now swollen and really sensitive pearl. I was so ready to get fucked at this point, I needed to feel his dick balls deep in my pussy. 
My legs started to shake again and I could feel another orgasm coming, he sensed it too and stopped what he was doing. I was so confused and didn’t understand why he stopped. 
He kissed my inner right thigh, moved  that same leg off his shoulder , stood up and then kissed me. The taste of my juices were making me crazy, it was so erotic. He turned me around and told me to spread my legs, I did and before I knew it I felt his big dick sliding into my pussy. I gasped for air when I felt it go in, I almost forgot the size of his manhood. He held on to my waist and started to really move his hips, going in and out of me not slow but not exactly fast either. It was driving me crazy. I was in heaven, the feeling was too much. He freed one of his hands and started playing with my nipples, as if they wasn’t hard enough already. I could feel myself giving in to the pleasure and I turned my head to the side to kiss him. Deep and amazing. I came shortly after and so did he. We sunk down to the floor and I stayed curled up in his lap for what seemed like hours. He kissed me on the side of my mouth and said “how about we go on another strike?” We both laughed knowing that we couldn’t last.