Deon and Ebony (The meeting)

It’s absolutely beautiful in Shoreditch. Inspiration just drips off of everything and I always feel right at home. This is the first time I have come here and it has been sunny and I love it. I thought to myself that I should make the most of it and wear one of those sun dresses that ripples off your bum when you walk. Sexy dress for the sexy weather, or so I thought. I wanted to go somewhere to write and I recently fell in love with the lounge at the CitizenM hotel. The beautiful decor and the way the place is laid out could literally inspire you to write a book.

I arrived at about 11am and the sun was absolutely popping on the balcony so I set myself up there. I was thankful to Rihanna for her new Fenty product, body lava, my shoulders and arms were glistening. I was also thankful to Shea moistures Jamaican black castor oil leave in conditioner because my hair was full of it’s multi textual curls and I felt like a natural hair goddess. I literally felt like I could take over the world and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I saw him.

Staring up at me from the side walk was a tall glass of Guinness punch. I’m not talking about the slap dash Guinness punch that you only use the basic ingredients (Guinness, nourishment and condensed milk). No honey, he had nutmeg, bailey’s and a cinnamon stick in his mix. Beautiful, muscly, swaggy, warrior looking, straight from the motherland ready to pick me up, put me on his shoulder and walk our asses into the sunset looking man. His eyes looked like they were looking through me into my soul and this was the first time today that I felt a little insecure. He never dropped his gaze and although I started to feel a little awkward I refused to drop mine either. After what seemed like five million, six trillion, seven bajillion minutes he decided to smile and then he walked off. I felt quite confused and then a rush of disappointment came over me because I thought he would’ve tried to speak to me.I didn’t waste anymore time on thinking about him and started to write.

I felt so hungry at about two and my stomach began to growl. I couldn’t actually remember if I had breakfast or not which was weird but my mind was too into what I was writing to dwell on that. I decided to ask the hotel if they knew of any cute little cafes or places they recommend to go for lunch. They named a few places but as they were talking I smelt this amazing aroma. It spelt like a stew or something along those lines and I think one of the staff noticed me drifting from the conversation because he told me that they had a cafe in the hotel. As if I needed another reason not to leave here. I walked into the cafe and there it was, beef boujistew, I can’t remember the actual name but it was along them lines. I asked for a big bowl and some bread to go with it and tuck in. Half way through my meal I heard a low and alluring tone talking and I had to look up to see who it was. To my surprise it was Mr. Guinness punch, he was talking to one of the staff and it looked like they were looking for someone. I continued to watch them as they scanned the room and just when I put another spoonful of food in my mouth they turned towards me and he smiled and waved. I’m extremely confused at this point so I literally just stared at him. I wasn’t even chewing my damn food, just sat there and watched him walk over to me with the most amount of confidence.

“You look like your enjoying that, can I have some?” he said as he sat down at my table. I was still in a state of shock and he picked up the spare spoon that I always get just incase ones dirty and took some of the stew.

“Very nice but you better start chewing yours because I don’t think it was made this nice to be stored in your cheeks” he spoke with a humorous tone.

After I finished chewing I spoke with a little annoyance in my voice, “umm first of all, you don’t know where my mouth has been and I’ve been dipping my spoon in and out of MY stew. Since you walked over here with such confidence, you should’ve grabbed YOURSELF some food because I do not like to share!” He was clearly entertained and a little shocked in my response. I could tell by the expression on his face.

He picked up his spoon dramatically and dived it back into my food and took another spoonful. I just rolled my eyes and continued to eat as well. I didn’t want to make it obvious but I tried to get little looks in here and there. His mouth looked so nice, with his full lips and white teeth. His eyebrows were so perfect but I didn’t get the vibe that he got them waxed which of course would’ve been a complete turn off. He was bald and it suited him so damn perfectly, especially with that full beard that just got my juices flowing.

“So are you going to tell me your name or should I just call you miss?”

“If you wanted to know my name you should’ve asked before you started eating my food. Clearly you don’t actually need to know it so miss will be just fine, sir.”

He smiled again, “you didn’t stop me and you continued eating yourself so clearly you were comfortable with me doing so, miss.”

“I’d be a fool if I gave up the opportunity in having dinner with a man that almost looks as good as I do on this beautiful sunny day, sir.” I was warming to him and didn’t want to scare him away.

“If you think I look half as good as you do then you’re very mistaken miss……”

“Ebony, that’s my name and yours would be?” I tried my hardest not to get too excited at the compliment.

“Your name is Ebony? Or is that a pseudonym?”

“That’s my actually name sir….”

“Deon. My name is Deon Matthews.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Deon Matthews.”

“Are you going to let me know what your last name is?”

“Depends on what you want from me Deon.”

“I want to take you upstairs to my room and with your permission of course I’d like to see if your body looks as good under that sundress as what I had imagined.”

I just sat there shocked and slightly turned on by how brazen he was. I was trying to think of the most calm way to respond to him but I just felt like this was all too random to be true. I also didn’t really know if this actually a good thing or if it may be slightly scary. He must’ve caught onto my hesitation and stood up, pushed his chair in and placed a room key on to the table.

“If you believe that this would be as good as I think it will be join me. I’m in number 212 and hopefully I will see you soon.” He walked off but I noticed he left a box behind. It looked like a jewellery box and before my ass runs after him to give it back I opened it and there was the most beautiful black pearl necklace. It had a little note in the lid of the box and when I unraveled it, it said:

You looked beautiful and when I saw you I wanted to add

to that beauty. Please don’t take this gift in a rude way.

Damn, he actually bought this for me. He said not to take it rudely but the thought did cross my mind like I hope he don’t think I’m a prostitute. I immediately dismissed that idea and tried to decide what to do. Around ten minutes went past and I took out my pocket mirror, checked my face, redid my Fenty lipgloss and I proceeded to the elevator. I mean who knows we could just end up talking.

Mmmm Deon, deon, deon, deon.