Personal trainer 

I hate going to the gym. It’s always filled with amped up gorilla sized men, girls wearing next to nothing and when your new you just get stared at. I really like having a low profile which is exactly why I chose to have a personal trainer. You get to work out 1 on 1 and it’s in a secluded room.¬†

I arrived 30 minutes early to get changed and find out where I would be training. I brought an old pair of leggings, my massive tent top and a sports bra. I wasn’t trying to impress and I’ve seen the personal trainers at this gym, nothing to write home about.
I started to stretch while I wait, I knew whoever was going to train me was going to have me in pain the next day. I was bent over trying to touch my toes when I heard the door creek. Looking awkwardly to see who it is and there he was, tall, muscular, sexy Adonis standing there watching me. Now a few things crossed my mind, I thought all the personal trainers were ugly and why am I still bent over looking like a raggedy hooker.
He must be new. I suddenly decided to buy new gym clothes because I actually felt ashamed. He walked in and apologised for being late even though he was 5 minutes early. He had the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen, I know that seems weird to call a man beautiful but he really did.
“I see you started stretching without me, just give me a moment to catch up” he said so gently and I’m pretty sure he winked at me. Damn.
The next 5 minutes made my soul smile, watching this fine ass man stretch gave me meaning to life. My head was just permanently in the gutter, thinking of all sorts of exercises he may have to touch me to help.
“Right lets get started Roxanne, your name is Roxanne right? That’s what was on my timetable. Forgive me if I’m wrong,” he said with such confidence. Even if my name actually wasn’t Roxanne I would’ve of went with it.
“Yes my names Roxanne or roxy, whichever is fine.” I’m not sure why my voice was so high pitched but ok.
“Roxy it is, my name is Jermaine but J is cool.”
Right so if we have given each other our nicknames surely the next step is sex. Maybe I should think about something else.
We started to work out and it was no joke. He had me wanting to almost cry in this secluded studio. When he was getting me to squat I was trying to push my ass out as much as possible. He of course was nothing but professional bless him, would’ve loved him to just push me against a wall and kiss all over me but this is why I was here.
It got to the the end of the workout, I was a little sad because that meant I was leaving J, I mentally planned to book another session with him next week. He showed me a series of stretches to do and started to help me do them.
“So roxy do you find me attractive?”
Not really sure where this was coming from, it’s not like I was staring at him seductively the whole work out.
“Was the staring that obvious? I’m really sorry I was expecting someone less appealing to the eyes.”
I was blushing hard at this point and what made it worst was his little laugh that slipped out.
“It was a little obvious Roxy. Do you want to know what really made me think you was attracted to me?”
Oh shit what the hell did I do apart from stare. Do I want to know? Should I just leave? I go to this gym, let me just get this embarrassment over.
“I think I’d like to know what was my give away.”
He stopped smiling and gave me a straight look, “I can smell a beautiful aroma coming from in between those juicy thighs.”
What? What am I supposed to say to that. So inappropriate but at the same time so sexy.
“That’s a bit of an inappropriate observation don’t you think Jermaine?”
“Very inappropriate Roxanne but also very true, you stared at me, your breathing changed and of course that amazing aroma gave it all away.”
So with that comment I think it’s time for me to leave. The way he was staring at me, the way I was feeling and the secluded room could only lead to me ass out.
“Thank you so much for my session Jermaine, it really was great. I will be booking another one for next week.”
The next minute was me avoiding eye contact, packing my gym stuff in my bag and practically running out the room. What I needed was to hit the showers and I might cash in my complimentary massage the gym offered me after my first personal training session. If anything was worth the gym membership it had to be their massages.
I had an amazing shower and I couldn’t help but think about J. Imagining his big, strong hands feeling all over me made my hands wander. Before I knew it I was in the showers masterbating, silently calling out a strangers name. He definitely had me feeling some type of way.
Luckily by the time I finished showering, taking care of my needs and slipping into a robe a masseuse was available. I walked into the room and saw a sign which told me to get undressed, lay facing down on the table and cover my bottom with the towel provided. I did as I was told and waited patiently for my stress relieving massage.
After what felt like a 20 minute wait someone finally came in. Didn’t apologise for the wait or announce themselves, thought it was a little rude but didn’t think too much of it. I heard a bottle open and then close, assumed it would’ve been some sort of oil and then I felt hands massaging my back. It felt so good. They were massaging all over my back, firm and skilled, I kept letting out little moans. Next thing I know the towel is being pulled down off my ass and I’m laying here naked. I wasn’t sure whether this was part of the massage and lifted my head to see what was going on.
There he was standing above me looking down at my body, J.
“Turn back over, your massage isn’t finished. That is unless you would like me to stop Roxy.”
He never looked me in my face and I didn’t feel uncomfortable with him being here so I turned back over.
He massaged both my legs so thoroughly, it felt so damn good. When he reached my behind he applied more oil and went to work. He massaged my ass with the right amount of force and it really was turning me on. He then used his hands to part my ass cheeks and slowly tortured me with his tongue. Dipping in and out of my vagina. Do I let him continue? This isn’t right but it feels so damn good. He then moved to my ass hole and really made me go crazy, eating me out from both holes and then fingering me too.
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